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You were meant for this:

A fierce and vibrant farewell to a dying friend
Commissioned by MUSE / Catherine Roma
Teresa Schreiber Werth

Teresa Schreiber Werth's small poem, "Full Circle," was written during a friend's final days, ushering her into the next world with acceptance, vibrancy and love.

This musical setting of Werth's poem pulses with rhythm and breath, with canonical vocal lines suggesting the cycle of life.  Taking its inspiration from the light described by those who have near-death experiences, You were meant for this: concludes not on a somber note but instead with a blindingly bright outpouring of words -- insistent, unstoppable and completely full of the stuff of life.

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Full Circle

Teresa Schreiber Werth

From the Beginning
When you were just a bit of stardust,
You were meant for this:
A gentle crossing over
Leaving behind,
A body
Fully spent
Within a
And ready now
To soar.

Reviews and Responses: 

“I was stunned when I heard it for the first time...the sheer power of it, the shimmering quality, the dramatic ending...  When the song ended, Cathy's arms were raised and she held them there for what seemed like forever. You could have heard a pin drop. I know I wasn't breathing. It was an awesome, dramatic, shimmering moment. When she dropped her arms slowly then came thunderous applause. It truly was a moment I will never forget.” - Teresa Schreiber Werth, poet (Spencerport, NY)


MUSE - Catherine Roma, conductor (Cincinnati, OH)  * Premiere




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