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Where there is Light in the Soul

"Landscape with Pavilion and Willows"
Attributed to Shen Zhou

A Chinese proverb affirming the interdependent natures of Light, Beauty, Harmony, Honor and Peace
Commissioned by Kantorei, The Singing Boys of Rockford / Joel Ross [SATB version]
Honorable Mention: Vincent Brown Silliman Competition
Chinese proverb

In this lyrical setting of a timeless Chinese proverb, the five interdependent ideals of Light, Beauty, Harmony, Honor and Peace are woven together into a rich, a cappella affirmation. This bestseller's four arrangements are carefully crafted to suit adult, women's, men's and young choruses.

Included on CD Old, New, Borrowed, Q, by One Voice Mixed Chorus
One Voice Mixed Chorus - Old, New, Borrowed, Q

Video: "Where there is Light in the Soul” 
Performed by Sherwood High School Choir / Bill Evans
Video created by Rochelle Lockridge

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Chinese proverb

Where there is light in the soul there will be beauty in the person.
Where there is beauty in the person there will be harmony in the home.
Where there is harmony in the home there will be honor in the nation.
Where there is honor in the nation there will be peace in the world.

Composer's Note: 

Because the five central concepts of the Chinese proverb — Light, Beauty, Harmony, Honor and Peace — are at the core of this text, I gave myself a delightful musical challenge. I gave each of these five words a distinct character, using rhythm, harmony, melody, articulation and texture.  For instance, the word “light,” always ends with a minuscule rest after the “t,” making the word clean and sharp and bright. And whenever the choir sings “harmony,” you’ll be sure to hear a lively dotted rhythm. These musical “signatures” are always present, giving each concept a distinct musical personality.

Reviews and Responses: 

"I'm very glad to have found your music, and appreciate both the quality of the texts and music, as well as their accessibility."  - Darryl Dewalt, Music Director, Camrose United Church (Camrose, Alberta, CANADA)

"Beautiful! I am sooo thankful for you and your creations and your generosity"  - Mary Collins, Music Director, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Chico (Chico, CA)


Sistrum: Lansing Women's ChorusSAB:
Choir of Mayflower Community Congregational Church
/ Nancy Grundahl (Minneapolis, MN)   * Premiere
Camrose United Church Choir / Darryl Dewalt (Calgary, Alberta, CANADA)
Choir of Eliot Unitarian Chapel  Leon Burke III (Kirkwood, MO)
Choir of Marquette Unitarian Universalist Church / Barbara Michaels (Marquette, MI)
Choir of Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Montclair / Judith Rew (Montclair, NJ)
Choir of Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Gainesville / Ruth Lewis (Gainsville, FL)
Dewalt Family Singers ~ Camrose Music Festival (Camrose, Alberta, CANADA)
Du Page Chorale / Lee R Kesselman ~ College of Du Page (Glen Ellyn, IL)
Illinois All-State Chorus / Emily Ellsworth ~ Illinois Music Educators Association (Peoria, IL)
OVation (A cappella ensemble of One Voice Mixed Chorus) ~ GALA Choruses Festival 2008 (Miami, FL)
Southern Chorale of Birmingham Southern College / David J Smith (Birmingham, AL)Kantorei: The Singing Boys of Rockford
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Chico / Mary Collins (Chico, CA)

Kantorei, The Singing Boys of Rockford
/ Joel Ross
     (Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania)   * Premiere
Bridgewater Community Chorus / Marcia Bender  (Bridgewater, VT)
Choir of Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church / Henry Sgrecci (Bethesda, MD)
Choir of First Unitarian Society of Madison / Dan Broner (Madison, WI)
Choir of Unitarian Church of Lincoln / Julie Enerson (Lincoln, NE)
Choir of Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh / Yuri Yamamoto (Raleigh, NC)North Shore Choral Society
Choir of Unity Church-Unitarian / Ruth Palmer (Saint Paul, MN)
Choir of Universalist Unitarian Church of Farmington / Diana Munch (Farmington Hills, MI)
Choir of Wellesley Unitarian Univeralist Church / Ekaterina Anoshkin (Wellesley Hills, MA)
Harmonium Choral Society / Anne Matlack (PORTUGAL, SPAIN, GREECE, TURKEY)
Mechanicsburg Ecumenical Choir: 150 voices from 35 churches ~
     Benefit Concert for New Hope Ministries (Mechanicsburg, PA)OVation
North Shore Choral Society / Julia Davids (Skokie, IL)
Northern Illinois Big 12 Festival Choir (Rochelle, IL)
Unitarian Universalist Midwest Summer Assembly / Pam Blevins Hinkle ~ Camp Lakewood (Potosi, MO)
University of Central Arkansas Concert Choir and Chamber Singers / John Erwin (Conway, AK)
St. Edwards Masterworks Singers / Morris Stevens (Glasgow, Edinburgh & Dornoch, SCOTLAND)
Springfield Interfaith Thanksgiving Service / Leslie Adler (Springfield, NJ)
Waldon Hill Vocal Ensemble / Joe Mish ~  First Unitarian Universalist Church (Rochester, MN)

Riverside Singers
/ Nancy Grundahl (Minneapolis, MN)   * Premiere
Common Woman Chorus / Cindy Bizzell (Chapel Hill, NC)Cordus Mundi
Ohio University Women's Chorale / Peter Jarjisian ~ Ohio University (Athens, OH)
Sister Singers Network Festival ~ Loyola University (Chicago, IL)
Sistrum: Lansing Women's Chorus / Meredith Bowen (East Lansing, MI)
The Treblemakers ~ Jefferson Unitarian Church (Golden, CO)
Twin Cities Women's Choir / Mary Bussman (Minneapolis, MN)

Cordus Mundi / Rick Rosen (Gwenedd & Doylestown, PA)   * Premiere
Choir of Saint Michael's Choir School / Teri Dunn (Toronto, Ontario  CANADA)

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