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Tree Song

A reflection on the generosity and interdependence of trees
Commissioned by Twin Cities Women's Choir / Mary Bussman
George Ella Lyon

The cello and piano -- possibly the most graceful instruments ever crafted out of wood — are the centerpiece for this lyrical song about giving, receiving and interdependence.  A whimsical list of trees forms a vocal counterpoint for George Ella Lyons' elegantly simple stanzas, which are passed gently from one voice part to another.

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Tree Song

Poem by George Ella Lyon

Roots, trunk,
branches, leaves.
As a tree gives
so it receives:
food from
the earth,
rain and sun
from the sky.
Its roots
reach deep
and its crown
rises high.
in spring,
fruit in
summer and fall:
home for many,
shelter for all.
Peach, plum, pear, prune, pine, poplar, persimmon,
Alder, ebony, elder, abba,
Champaka, cashew,
Cottonwood, yew,
Acacia, bamboo,
Maclura, mahogany, mangrove,
Cedar, cinnamon, willow, cocobolo, kahikatea,
Cacao, coffee, cashew,
Camilla, cherry, catalpa,
Tupelo, tulip,
Olive, chinaberry,
Chokecherry, mulberry, loblolly bay,
Aamla, sal, linden, laurel, lilac, larch,
Juniper, joshua, jellyfish, bo,
Bottletree, baobab, bunya-bunya.

Twin Cities Women's Choir - Mary Bussman, conductor (Minneapolis, MN)   * Premiere
Bella Voce Singers - Jessica Corbin, conductor (Brooklyn, NY)






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