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Three Inventions

Three imaginative “inventions” – mechanical, optical and subatomic
Commissioned by Genevieve Jones and Carol Chilton

Each "invention" in this colorful 10-minute work reflects a physical or mechanical action.

Synchrotron (Gear-Shifter)" features two different musical "gears," one in each piano.  Prism (Light-Splitter) emulates a prism, but instead of dividing the light spectrum into six colors, the twelve pitches of the chromatic scale are divided between the two pianos.  The final movement, Synchrotron, or Superconducting-Supercollider (Atom Smasher) contains two aspects of its mechanical namesake: movement outward from a central point, and (what else?) some vigorous atom smashing.

With its driving rhythms and sparkling colors, Three Inventions is a showpiece for two pianists with a playful sense of ensemble.

I. Synchromesh (Gear-Shifter)
II. Prism (Light-Splitter)
III. Synchrotron, or Superconducting-Supercollider (Atom-Smasher)

Item Instrumentation/Voicing Duration Level Audio Peruse Delivery Method (Print vs. Digital) Price Quantity
SEA-045-00 Piano duo (2 pianos) - Full Score
10' A Sheet Music $18.00

Premiere: Genevieve Jones and Carroll Chilton. Music for a Summer Evening Concert Series (Madison, WI)
Chris Cooley and Shi-Hwei Choo. Florida State New Music Festival (Tallahassee, FL)
David Malloy and Tara Rueger (Athens, OH)
Marc Peoquin and Roberto Hidalgo. Mostly Women Composers Series (New York City, NY)
Trevor Stephenson and Elizabeth Alexander (Madison, WI)
Winbourne-Shaw Duo. Society of Composers, Inc. Conference (Oshkosh, WI)

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