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The One-Handed Creeper

A very "creepy" piece for piano left hand

Disembodied hands are a horror movie trope, but this solo is a bit beyond “humerus.” Well-crafted for an early intermediate pianist, this small etude lies beautifully under the hand, making its crisp staccatos and “creepy” scales a pleasure to play.

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Piano solo for left hand - SHEET MUSIC
2'00" ME SEA-055-00 Sheet Music
Piano solo for left hand - LICENSED PDF
2'00" ME SEA-055-00D Licensed PDF
Composer's Note: 

When my 9-year-old son broke his right arm five weeks before Halloween, there was only one logical course of action for me:  compose a "creepy" piece for left hand!


Simon Alexander‑Adams (Saint Paul, MN)   * Premiere







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