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The Meadow Doesn’t Know About the Stock Market

A sparkling tribute to the meadow's timeless wisdom
Commissioned by Ruth MacKenzie with funding from the Jerome Foundation
George Ella Lyon

A sparkling tribute to the meadow's timeless wisdom, embracing "the great wheel turning" while eschewing the "zigzag line of profit and panic." The mercurial accompaniment delights, injecting sly hints of Broadway, ragtime and ticker tape. By turns a frolic and rhapsody, The Meadow Doesn't Know About the Stock Market offers a path to joy too often forgotten in this material world.

The Meadow Does Not Know

George Ella Lyon

about the stock market.
Today she is worth
exactly what she was worth
yesterday, a year ago, at creation.
I don’t mean property value,
taxable assets.  I mean
milkweed and copper moths
honeybees, cow vetch,
king snakes.  Meadow life
is not money.  What rises
and falls here are stems
and flowers, leaves and fruit.
No zigzag line of profit and panic
but the great wheel turning.
Here God gives of her
extravagance and here, like
flicker, viceroy, dragonfly
we come into our inheritance. 

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