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The Gate is Open

A winter meditation on the "star" — that mysterious presence that lies beyond fear and hopelessness
Sister Peronne Marie Thibert
Commissioned by South Bend Chamber Singers / Reimagined for South Metro Chorale

A haunting and contemplative winter song offering three iconic symbols: the gate, the woods, and the star.

Like most gates, this one is important because of what lies beyond it: the woods. And of course, every fairy tale-loving child knows what lies in the woods: danger, magic, wisdom. The real mystery is the third symbol: the star. What is this star? A glimpse of the divine? An understanding of grace? A new way of creating heaven here on earth?

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The Gate is Open

Sister Peronne Marie Thibert

The gate is open
    dare we enter
the snow looks heavy, deep,
the woods, dark, deeper still

the Star, we’re told,
    is somewhere beyond
on the other side of fear,
       of hopelessness

The gate is open
    dare we enter
        dare believe...


Original 2010 version
Premiere: South Bend Chamber Singers / Nancy Menk (Notre Dame, IN)

Reimagined 2019 version
Premiere: South Metro Chorale / Mark Bilyeu (Shakopee and Eagan, MN)
Carrie Henneman Shaw, Laura Betinis Healy, Nicholas Chalmers, Tim Takach (St. Paul, MN)
South Bend Chamber Singers / Nancy Menk (South Bend and South Haven, MI)

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