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Same Birds

"Three Crows Arguing on a Branch"
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A sassy frolic about deep listening, the cry of existence, and a congregation of rowdy birds
Commissioned by North Central ACDA for the 2016 High School Honor Choir
David Allan Evans

Packed with tight blues harmonies, snappy syncopations, and musical mischief, Same Birds delivers a gaggle of glee. Its surprisingly ethereal conclusion layers diverse birdcalls over the simple, gentle mandate: "Listen."

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Waking Up

David Allan Evans

for Jan
We wake up again to the sound
of those same birds just

outside our window. I can’t
name them, wouldn’t need to

if I could, but only guess
what they seem to be

saying over and over.     
Listen: We are here,

we are here,
we are here.

Composer's Note: 

In Same Birds, I give singers permission to play around with vowels! The most prominent example of this vowel fun is on the word “same,” as its bluesy, two-syllable melisma begs for a juicy “long a-long e” dipthong. Yes, I know this dipthong is verboten in classical music, but try it anyway! It's the only way to find your inner crow.

This song's off-kilter jazz voicings, angular melodies and punchy entrances contrast with the glorious, full-bodied pronouncement: “We are here.” In these three words lie the deep truth of the song. We ourselves are those birds: quirky and idiosyncratic and annoying and transcendent and totally here.

Program Notes / Performance Notes: 

* Premiere: NC-ACDA High School Honor Choir / Paul D. Head (Sioux Falls, SD)

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