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One More Step

A richly imagined arrangement of a visionary protest anthem
Joyce Poley
Commissioned by First Baptist Church of Salem, MA, for a fundraiser for Lifebridge and River House homeless services

In 1986 Canadian songwriter Joyce Poley wrote One More Step for a peace rally in Vancouver. Since then, this song of commitment and action has been sung at countless rallies, churches and gatherings of conscience. Here in Elizabeth Alexander's new, richly-imagined choral arrangement, each verse is given its own context, creating a multilayered experience of unfolding resonance. With a dramatic arch that includes prayerful yearning, rousing affirmations and individual spoken words of hope, this concert work offers performers and audience a shared sense of community, commitment and hope.

This new arrangement, commissioned as the capstone for a homeless services fundraising event, features additional new lyrics written especially for the occasion by Joyce Poley.

Item Instrumentation/Voicing Duration Level Audio Peruse Delivery Method (Print vs. Digital) Price Quantity
SEA-140-00 SATB, spoken voices, piano - Choral Score
5' MA Sheet Music $3.00
SEA-140-00DEL SATB, spoken voices, piano - Choral Score
5' MA Licensed PDF $3.00

One More Step

Joyce Poley

One more step,
We will take one more step,
Till there is peace for us and everyone,
We’ll take one more step.

One more word,
We will say one more word,
Till every word is heard by everyone,
We’ll say one more word.

One more prayer,
We will say one more prayer,
Till every prayer is shared by everyone,
We’ll say one more prayer.

One more song,
We will sing one more song,
Till every song is sung by everyone,
We’ll sing one more song.

One more seed,
We will sow one more seed,
Till there’s a seed of hope in everyone,
We’ll sow one more seed.

One more home,
We will build one more home,
Till there’s a place for every one of us,
We’ll build one more home.

One more bridge,
We will cross one more bridge,
Till we have found the peace we’re longing for,
We’ll cross one more bridge.

Day by day,
We will live day by day,
And when we stumble we’ll begin again,
And take one more step.


Premiere: Choirs of First Baptist Church of Bevely, Endicott Singers, and Freedom Singers / Rebecca Kenneally (Beverly, MA)

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