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Night at the Redcat

A high-octane Latin jazz duet – with opportunity for improvisation!

From its contagiously rhythmic "montuno" to its sensuous melody, this duet offers a delightful and accessible introduction to the world of up-tempo Latin music.

Each piano part has a distinct role.  The primo part introduces the montuno pattern, the main theme, and a free improvisation.  The secondo part has the role of "rhythm section. For truly adventurous pianists, there's an opportunity to switch roles halfway through the piece!

Night at the Redcat takes its name from a courageously-conceived but ill-fated alternative theatre in Portland, Oregon, The Redcat, whose spirit lives on in this high octane romp.



  Simon Alexander‑Adams and Elizabeth Alexander, piano duo  (Saint Paul, MN)   * Premiere

  Benjamin Caswell and Kevin Moonen (Saint Paul, MN)






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