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I Write This Poem Out Of Darkness

An isolated poet offers words of struggle and connection to her imagined readers
Commissioned by Women's Works
George Ella Lyon

In George Ella Lyon’s poem, “Growing Light,” an isolated poet reaches out to an imagined reader, offering encouragement and solidarity. This expressive musical setting reflects this sense of solitude and strength, featuring prominent vocal and instrumental solos.

A moving musical testimony to art’s ability to speak the truth, transcending the limitations of time and space.

All three instrumentalists are prominent players in the drama of this piece, from the quiet passion of the violinist's first note to its final ethereal echoes. The instrumental parts for the chamber version of this piece are the same as those for the choral version.

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Growing Light

Poem by George Ella Lyon

I write this poem
out of darkness
to you
who are also in darkness
because our lives demand it.

This poem is a hand on your shoulder
a bone touch to go with you
through the hard birth of vision.
In other words, love
shapes this poem
        is the fist that holds the chisel,
        muscle that drags marble
        and burns with the weight
        of believing a face
        lives in the stone
        a breathing word in the body.

I tell you
though the darkness
has been ours
words will give us
give our eyes, opened in promise
a growing light.


Chamber version:
Women’s Works (Ithaca, NY)   * Premiere
Ann Tedards, Elizabeth Wood, and Giselle Wyers - J Michele Edwards, conductor ~ Boise State University (Boise, ID)

Choral Version:
The Jezic Ensemble - Margie Farmer, conductor ~ College of Notre Dame (Baltimore, MD)  * Premiere

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