The Music of Elizabeth Alexander


Five imaginative fantasies inspired by whimsical fractals

Music: Elizabeth Alexander

Fractals are intricate pictures which bear an uncanny resemblance to many images found in nature — coastlines, clouds, cells, lightning bolts, clusters of stars. But for all their complexity, fractals are generated using simple and concise recipes, often simple computer programs no more than 4-5 lines long. Like visual fractals, these five whimsical miniatures are based on very simple ideas which grow in complexity as the ideas are layered and spun out.

Each movement is based on a different fractal created by Benoit Mandelbrot, from the delicate “Cirri” and spunky “Tremas and Squigs,” to the quirky “Twindragon,” described by American Record Guide as a “toetapping, finger-snapping, brainier and more complex interpretation of ‘Cool’ from Bernstein’s ‘West Side Story’”.

1. Cirri
2. Devil’s Staircase
3. Twindragon
4. River Tree
5. Tremas and Squigs

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Premiere: Cynthia Cameron Fix and Dale Fix (Madison, WI)
Kathryn Anderson and Catherine Fischer (Minneapolis, MN)
Renee Dee and Debora Stewart (Wooster, OH)
Lee Goodhew and Elizabeth Alexander (Ithaca, NY)
Kimberly Buchar Kelley. University of Illinois Doctoral Recital (Urbana, IL)
Torsten Knabe and Christina Wright-Ivanova (Austin, TX)
Stacy Motquin and Elizabeth Alexander (Ithaca, NY)
Liz Rosa and Nick Weiser. Master’s Recital, Columbia University (New York City, NY)
Christin Schillinger and Jed Moss:
– Advanced Double Reed Institute (Dallas, TX)
– Celebration of Women in Music (Saint Louis, MO)
– International Double Reed Society Conference (Los Angeles, CA)
– International Double Reed Society Conference (Norman, OK)
– Vianden International Chamber Music Festival (Vianden, LUXEMBOURG)
Elizabeth Thompson (Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM)