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* Finally On My Way To Yes (CD/mp3)

Performances by 10 diverse choruses
10 Poets & 2 Proverbs

Elizabeth Alexander’s award-winning choral music has been sung by hundreds of choirs around the world — by children and adults; by women and men; and by professional, university, community and church choirs.  Moving effortlessly between concert stage, choir loft and jam session, her music invariably invokes the simple and extraordinary, the ethereal and commonplace, the beauty and messiness of life.  This varied collection reflects her experience as a composer, singer, conductor, classical and jazz pianist, a passion for formal elegance and melodic line, and a sense of humor grounded in joy, disappointment, and hope.

Includes settings of poems by Pesha Joyce Gertler, Gerald Rich, Joan Wolf Prefontaine, Langston Hughes, Denise Levertov, e. e. cummings, Yehuda Amichai, Carl Sandburg, Richard Fewkes and composer Elizabeth Alexander, as performed by ten diverse choirs.

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SEA-CD-01 Finally on My Way to Yes - CD
60' CD $7.00


1.  Finally On My Way To Yes
2.  A Palette To Paint Us As We Are
3.  Even a Fist Was Once an Open Palm
4.  Glen Song
5-7.  Spring Revels:
         April Rain Song
         when faces called flowers float out of the ground
         Spring Grass
8.  Praise Wet Snow Falling Early
9.  Those Who Wish To Sing Always Find a Song
10-11.  Songs of Youth
12.  We Lift Up Our Hearts
13.  If You Can Walk You Can Dance
14.  Cherish Your Doubt
15.  Why I Pity the Woman Who Never Spills


Oregon Repertory Singers ~ Cayuga Vocal Ensemble ~ One Voice Mixed Chorus ~ Amadeus Chorale ~ Farmington High School Choir ~ Louisville Youth Choir ~ University of Minnesota Chamber Singers ~ Cornell University Women's Chorus ~ Choir of First Unitarian Church of Portland, OR ~ Choir of Unity Church-Unitarian of Saint Paul, MN

Reviews and Responses: 

"...accomplished Minnesota-based choral composer Elizabeth very gifted, writing in an accessible style that is well tailored to the requirements of both semi-pro and amateur choruses...  Alexander's use of harmony is somewhat reminiscent of Morton Lauridsen, but she is less languid and makes more use of declamatory projection in her text settings.  Alexander's writing for women's chorus is especially good, and although her choice of texts is catholic in nature, her settings of subjects relating to women's issues are exceptionally strong.  Several pieces stand out among those collected here, but her setting of poet Yehuda Amichai's Even a Fist was Once an Open Palm is particularly potent and makes one sit up and take notice...

One hopes that the release of Finally On My Way to Yes will generate enough interest to facilitate a full-on, professional quality recording of Alexander's music by a single chorus, because the fine qualities and sound artistry behind Alexander's work certainly merit that."   David N. Lewis, All Music Guide (copyright 2006)


"Just listened to your album after performing Finally On My Way To Yes this afternoon.  All 15 pieces are truly works of art.  One complaint, though — You should have more than 40 fans on Facebook!" Alex Allmark, singer

"I wanted to tell you that my 12-year-old daughter wants to put Cherish Your Doubt on her Ipod, a true complement from a tween-ager!"  Kathleen Radspinner, Music Educator (Saint Paul, MN)

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