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Cover art by Vicki Hutchison.  Used by permission of the artist.

A sweeping embrace of all heart-opening things: poems, mistakes, rain...
Commissioned for Minnesota Middle School School Girls Honor Choir by MN-ACDA
Dawna Markova

A passionate invitation to step through the beautiful, painful, fearful and joyous doors that life offers to us.  This setting of Dawna Markova's powerful poem wears its heart on its sleeve, moving from rhapsody to despair, to rebirth, to love.

Look Listen Instrumentation/Voicing Duration Level Item Price Quantity SSA, cello, piano - Choral Score
4'00" MA SEA-126-00 $3.50
Sheet Music SSA, cello, piano - Choral Score
5'30" MA SEA-126-00D $2.00
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Dawna Markova

Anything that needs you
or hurts you
or calls you to a bigger life
is a door.
A mistake is a door.
The ocean in which you almost drowned,
that is a door;
The rain opening a garden,
the kisses of children opening the heart of the world,
these are doors.
The poem of new life that comes every dawn,
the soaring of sun,
that is a door.
All that has died, leaving a hole in your life
is a door,
begging you to step through,
to feel yourself
to find yourself
beloved on this earth.

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