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A Perfect Circle

Commissioned by American Composers Forum's Faith Partners Program

This evocative tone painting takes its inspiration from a short poem by Daniel Ladinsky based on a Meister Eckhart writing. As the "perpetual motion" theme of this meditative song develops, it meanders around the "circle of keys" (a.k.a. "circle of fifth"), exploring new colors and textures with delight.

Everything I see, hear, touch, feel, taste
speak, think, imagine,
is completing a perfect circle
God has drawn.

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Look Listen Instrumentation/Voicing Duration Level Item Delivery Method Price Quantity Handbells and handchimes - Score
4'00" MA SEA-106-00 Sheet Music
$5.00 Handbells and handchimes - Score
4'00" MA SEA-106-00D Licensed PDF
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