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E = Easy · ME = Moderately Easy
M = Medium · MA = Moderately Advanced · A = Advanced

Titlesort descending Poet/Lyricist Instrumentation Level Listen

* Nature Creature (CD/mp3)

Songs on being alive in this world, with all its beauty and complexity
Lyon ~ Ignatow ~ Moore ~ Ammons ~ Erdrich ~ White ~ Hafiz

Voice, cello, piano


Autumn Accumulations

A virtuosic tone poem which really “stacks up”

Piano solo


Before the Bread

A canonic setting of a traditional English blessing
English folk prayer

2-4 part treble choir
SATB a cappella


Glen Song

A playful ode to what's really important…love, of course!
Scott Bates

SSATB, piano


Nature Creature (musical score)

Songs on the beauty and complexity of being alive
Lyon ~ Ignatow ~ Moore ~ Ammons ~ Erdrich ~ White ~ Hafiz

Low voice, piano, cello (opt.)


Praise Wet Snow Falling Early

A meditation on darkness, transcendence and hope.
Denise Levertov

SATB, piano


The One-Handed Creeper

A very "creepy" piece for piano left hand

Piano solo for left hand


Things That Go Bump in the Night

A humorous and courageous journey from dusk to dawn
Elizabeth Alexander

SA, piano, flute
SATB, piano, flute


Tree Song

A reflection on the generosity and interdependence of trees
George Ella Lyon

SSA, cello, piano


Trust the Seeds

A meditation on the faith of seed-planting
Elizabeth Alexander

SATB a cappella
SATB, flute, oboe, piano
SATB, orchestra


We Lift Up Our Hearts

An intergenerational song of thanks appropriate for church, interfaith or secular occasions
Richard Fewkes

S (children's choir), SATB, piano


We Remember Them

A tender setting of "A Litany of Remembrance"
Rabbis Sylvan Kamens / Jack Riemer

SATB, piano


Y Comienzo a Bailar (“And I Begin To Dance”)

An intimate portrait of Dia de los Muertos
Elizabeth Alexander / Augustin Cadena

SATB, piano


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