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Report a Performance

Thank you for letting Elizabeth know about your performance of her music!

The livelihood of composers depends on a variety of (mostly small) sources of income.  One of these is performance royalties, which are administered by non-profit organizations such as ASCAP.  Composers receive quarterly dividends (and in many cases, annual awards) based on reported performances of their music - but it's usually up to the performers and composers to submit the reports.  Telling Elizabeth about your performances really helps her out!

Reporting a performance usually costs you nothing.  Concert halls and universities already purchase annual blanket licenses (referred to as site licenses), which cover all performances which occur there.  Schools and places of worship are exempt from having to buy site licenses, but educational and worship performances can nonetheless help determine the size of annual awards.

The form below is meant to make your job easier, not harder!  If it's more convenient for you to send an e-mail about your performance, please do!

Concert Presenter?
Sometimes the presenters work just as hard as the musicians! Is there anyone else you'd like to recognize? A concert series? An outreach program? The organizers of a benefit concert?
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