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* Elizabeth's Garage Sale


For the past 15 years, a marvelous print shop in Pennsylvania has done most of my printing.  Crisp, shrink-wrapped octavos fill a wall of my garage, floor to ceiling.   However, publishing is changing fast, and a large inventory is no longer part of that picture.

What's the New Picture?  Some musicians now prefer to purchase licensed PDFs, an option which is now available for most of my titles.  More about PDFs here.

But never fear, I still love print music, and will continue to sell it!  (See how happy I look in the photo?)  I'll just be shifting most titles to "print on demand."

All scores listed are 25-50% off the retail price.  (Because shipping is determined by order total, you'll save money there, too.)  These discount is only available on orders placed through this website.  My laid-back return policy is the same as always. 


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