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Elizabeth says "Take Back the Stockroom!"



For over 15 years I had all my octavos printed by a print shop in Pennsylvania, ordering print runs of 1000 or more.  This kept my print costs low — which meant I could keep my prices low — but it meant I had to devote a lot of space to inventory!

Now that PDFs are a fast-growing part of the music business, it no longer makes sense to carry this much inventory.  Thanks to a generous McKnight fellowship I was able to purchase a powerful, high quality printer, so I'm now able to shift most of my titles to print-on-demand.  I can't wait to reclaim some prime storage space in my home and office!

Most sale titles are 25-50% off retail price — and because shipping is determined by order total, you'll save money there, too.  Sale prices are only available on orders placed through this website.  My laid-back return policy is the same as always. 


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